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I am so proud of you, birthday girl Four shots the first place, five shots the second, you’re getting there! 21 shots on your 21st birthday! We all did it Guys I don’t know if I can.

I am so proud of you, birthday girl Four shots the first place, five shots the second, you’re getting there! 21 shots on your 21st birthday! We all did it Guys I don’t know if I can.

Just can’t wimp out now if you only turn 21 once bartender A round of tequila shot, Por favor You see them out celebrating her birthday with a popular and dangerous tradition 21 shots for her 21 years Do you join the party and buy them another round or do you step up to the bartender and say no mas? What would you do? to the birthday girl We’re celebrating Madison’s Big Day at the blue Moon Mexican Cafe in Englewood, New Jersey We’re doing 21 shots for 21 percent So at first these women happily reminisce about their good old day has to be the people work Where I? can’t aim, but then I’m thank you oh I’m so she keeps calling us now. She’s not going to finish They seem troubled especially when Madison’s commitment to drinking 21 shots Waivers come on. How many more actually to do all How many get already?

Discharged, but Madison’s friends are not ready to let her throw in the towel birthday girl cheers guys I’ll see how much stuff. You can keep on the ground. Oh my God.

I feel for you another go You look like you gonna hurl. We’re trying to do another shot yeah, yeah kill another what kind of friends you are As those friends step away? We step in hi ladies. How are you?

What Would You Do: Friends push girl to ...

Oh come on. Don’t you do that to me? I know what? We are this is terrible. It’s what would you do it’s that terrible? which means Now the drakes continued to get bored three shots of tequila Our birthday girl gets served lots of advice a for self Don’t get sick.

It’s not we’re very rush. They don’t wind up. They want me I’m 21 Really you feel like being Violently built, it’s not horrible Phyllis is Gonna do 19:21 shot not even say go get some have a recipe how to survive this birthday balloon others offer quiet concern and compassion three two one bottoms up She’s Gonna be fine This guy thinks the problem isn’t how much Madison is drinking?

But what she’s drinking tried the entire Boston the fireball shot I don’t know. She should make those you think to do and fireball back And when he’s asked to join the celebration should do a shot with that Everything okay? Do you think I could get this money one? They get a shot see any when I did to come front laugh and raise a glass You think you could have stopped her on there at the almighty there’s nothing I can do about it even if you tell them I Told her I don’t know how you’re gonna do it basic things like this food is a Baby, I don’t want more do it these young women seem to understand What kids will do and Share their concern with the bartender?

Peter Water and they share their compassion with Madison Make you feel better, but when Madison’s friends leave they learn her plan for the day. They just don’t stop pressuring me to do this Tradition of oh No before I was not You don’t have to do anything today and now Madison stumbles to the bathroom and one of the young girls follows her Like at the Mom every time I see someone like that. I’ll take you to water Okay, thank you. My bro.

Oh my God Osu yes, you know to such take could you please watch my chin Okay, hi guys how are you? I’m john quinones there were actors You guys are young yourself? I’m funny use plenty wow wow you’re here. That doesn’t give you a reason to be stupid I would always want if I would like that I was Exactly like it would turn choose myself. I would prank someone’s would be helping her What’s the moral of the story here?

Be your own person have your own opinion delenn would be push you into doing what you don’t want to do. Are you smart?

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