Mom Shares How She Lost 113 Pounds

Mom Shares How She Lost 113 Pounds ...

amazing sexy, Man alive In my opinion well Derek what what do you want to say or [what] can you tell [us] about your wife? She’s amazing. She’s worked very hard This [has] [definitely] been a huge journey and huge transformation as you guys can see and I’m just super proud of her everything she’s done and she continues to work hard she continues to just be an Influence really wherever she goes if you got around her for any bit of time you’d see that she begins to kind of infect you And you start beginning like you get kind of passionate about? Eating ride and living ride and doing those things so she’s she’s always been sexy to me, but she’s sexy now I love that because It’s so important that buy-in from everyone and what what I want to ask you now Is how you did it because this wasn’t about some overnight success story?

Lost all this weight in one night. Which you know we tend to hear these stories, and you’re like No, I could never do [that] This was truly a journey And we have these mystery boxes over here as part of these these this tells your story about. How you [accomplished] your goal, right? Yes, it does So well you know for me.

I lost 113 pounds and it comes with a lot [of] different ways So I get to lift this up So what we have on here is we have plates to represent the different times that I eat And I have all my clients eat this way so 7:00 a.m.. We have [9:00] a.m. We have 12 p.m. 2:30 p.m.

5:30 p.m.. And then lastly ending with another meal at 7:30 p.m. I eat five to six times a day you’re eating five times more often absolutely well Not bad five times more food just know this is about you’re not worried about your staying satisfied You’re eating healthy [meals] throughout the day Which is great?

Everything’s healthy everything is a combination of a lean protein a good complex. Carbohydrate like a fruit or vegetable and healthy fats [I] cut out all the junk I cut out all the fake food all the crap I just cut it out and I eat real food. I don’t [dye] it. I don’t count calories.

I didn’t starve myself skinny I focused on getting healthy. What is this other trick okay? So the next one? We have to shoes because Whether we like it or not if we’re gonna be healthy we gotta get our butt movin we got to get off the couch We got to put on our shoes We got to get moving It doesn’t mean we have [to] go and spend hours in the gym or be a crazy Workout king or queen what I did is I started walking [cuz] that’s all I could do at 247 pounds [I] could not even walk [up] the stairs [without] seeing stars so I just started walking And it was great because I could take my kids And it helped me break a really bad habit that I had had I Had this really bad habit of every night after [I’d] eat dinner We’d go get a milkshake, and I have milkshake and french fries, and [I] dip it and it was horrible So in order to break that habit I mean I craved it so more place and unhealthy habit with a healthy one exactly and then it creates a cycle of good health good Decisions right and [it] doesn’t require a massive. I didn’t want that stupid milkshake anymore It’s I’m [so] I’m so glad that you told people that and last but not least you have okay one last secret for us What is this?

Oh? That’s my boys. I have three little boys and for me I used to I used to use them as my excuse as to why I would be Unhealthy as to why I didn’t have time to work out or time to eat healthy And I really fell into the mom rut [I] fell into the mom ray of eating eating their goldfish eating the macaroni doing quick easy foods And I gotta tell you if people want to lose weight if you want to lose weight [if] you want to get healthy stop Using your kids as an excuse if you have to just step out and say they‘re not gonna be my excuse They’re gonna be my motivation cuz that’s what it was for me Before we close. I [think] this is an important Takeaway This isn’t just about the way you’ve transformed your physique the way you’ve transformed the way your family eats and lives this is about Illness and no longer having a diabetes saying goodbye I mean listen to this right that right there to me is what makes your story, so spectacular? I’m I’m not only so proud of you.

I’m really excited because you can see Christina featured in people Magazine’s annual Half their size issue on stands this month. I want to give you [a] hug because you

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