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Weight Loss Makeover Complete!

15 Weight Loss Makeovers That Will Help ...

– I try to be authentic, but I do sex therapy and I talk to people about being comfortable in their body. I gained about forty pounds over the last two years, and it’s been so hard on me. – We’re gonna lower, slowly, the amount of sugar that you eat, cut back on it. That combined with what Petey is gonna do with you. Because you want people to have good sex, we want you to have good health and good sex. – No kidding! (crowd yells) – You’re gonna come back on and give us all great sex tips. – I would like to do that, I would even do a sex video if I felt better. (laughter) – Jill worked hard, lost the weight, but she still felt a little insecure about a certain body part, so she met up with plastic surgeon Dr. Garth Fisher for some help. – I took a sworn oath that I was going to get better, I was gonna feel better, and I was going to turn fifty feeling my best self.


These Newlyweds Are Already Kissing Strangers 🤭 | Lip Locked | MTV

Kissing Challenge | Lip Locked | MTV ...

– Hey, guys. Welcome to Lip Locked. The show where we put your chemistry to the ultimate test.

Do you think you can pick your partner out by kiss alone? Well, we have a couple standing right here and we’re about to find out. The game is simple, one person is going to be blind-folded and they have to kiss three people. One is their partner, and the other two are decoys.

Can you kiss and tell? – Hi, I’m Naz. – And I’m Mel. – And we’ve been together for going on three years now. – Yeah, but we just got married in March. – You guys look really good together. – (both) Thank you! – So, I’m just hoping that today doesn’t mess anything up. – Right! – ‘Cause you know we’re about to play a game. Right, it’s going to be hot. – I know, I’m like… – Okay, make sure your edges don’t sweat. So, who is getting blind-folded and going to be doing the kissing? – I’ll be doing the kissing. – (gasp) He said that a little quick. – Yeah. – Now, hold on! – I’m so excited! – Hold on, Mel! Pump your breaks!