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What is Cryotherapy?

– Freezing yourself inside is what’s pretty hot right now. Cryotherapy has become more and more popular over the past few years. And many people are paying a lot of money to get blasted with air as cold as 200 degrees below zero. – It’s so crazy, yeah. Those who swear by its benefits say

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First time dating a plus size woman ft

– But I stopped going out, stopped drinking, stopped partying. I don’t wanna die alone. So what do you do to meet someone? You always get that advice from your friends. You know, just let love find you. (audience laughing) Just go to the supermarket and you reach for the same avocado. (audience laughing) Now

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Do you really need to watch your salt intake when you’re trying to lose weight? Let’s get into it. Welcome back to another episode of ‘Walk With Me’ everybody. This is Josh here, and today we’re talking all about salt. I remember back when I was losing weight, everyone always told everybody else to make

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How Does Metformin Work? (Pharmacology for Nurses)

Today we were talking about metformin. I like to use visuals when I’m working with my students and my patients to help them understand what’s happening inside the body. And when we can understand what’s happening inside the body we’re better able to predict the side effects and the intended consequences. So we’re going to

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Obese to Beast

The reason that I’m actually here, well you guys know that I like to edit here. But they’re actually filming kind of like a behind-the-scenes thing for actual like CrossFit. I’m like filming with CrossFit. That’s crazy. As a YouTuber, you’re your own boss. I’ll wake up in the morning, go to the gym, film

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Can Probiotics Help With Weight Loss?

Hi, it’s Eric Bakker, the naturopath from New Zealand. Thanks for coming back and checking out my channel. What’s wrong? There’s always some problem with tech isn’t there? It looks like I’ve lost connection or something with my mouse. If you’re not a subscriber, please subscribe. Get my free report. Everyone who subscribes gets a

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