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Balloon Weight Loss Program | Q&A

Balloon Weight Loss Program | Q&A - YouTube

[MUSIC] So, the gastric balloon, as you can see here, is a soft yet durable balloon designed to fit comfortably in your stomach. Essentially, the idea behind the balloon Is that it sits there and occupies space so you feel full early during meals and also you feel less hungry in between meals. [MUSIC] So, the great thing about this procedure is that it’s done purely endoscopically. So, it’s very minimally invasive, without any scars whatsoever. So, you basically you go in for a procedure, have very mild sedation, and then you wake up after 20 minutes.


Weight Loss Makeover Complete!

15 Weight Loss Makeovers That Will Help ...

– I try to be authentic, but I do sex therapy and I talk to people about being comfortable in their body. I gained about forty pounds over the last two years, and it’s been so hard on me. – We’re gonna lower, slowly, the amount of sugar that you eat, cut back on it. That combined with what Petey is gonna do with you. Because you want people to have good sex, we want you to have good health and good sex. – No kidding! (crowd yells) – You’re gonna come back on and give us all great sex tips. – I would like to do that, I would even do a sex video if I felt better. (laughter) – Jill worked hard, lost the weight, but she still felt a little insecure about a certain body part, so she met up with plastic surgeon Dr. Garth Fisher for some help. – I took a sworn oath that I was going to get better, I was gonna feel better, and I was going to turn fifty feeling my best self.


Dr. Sarah Hallberg: How do I break a weight loss plateau on a ketogenic diet?

weight loss plateau on a ketogenic diet ...

How do I break a weight loss plateau on a ketogenic or low carb diet? – That’s a great question, and so let me go back to something I use all the time. And that is that there’s three things guaranteed in life, death, taxes, and a weight loss plateau. So sadly to say, you cannot avoid it. They will happen to everyone, and I would say pretty comfortably, they’re universally frustrating.

And so knowing that, what do you do when you’re in one? Well first I wanna say take a deep breath and relax, and begin with the question, is this really a weight loss plateau, or am I getting concerned because I’m having day to day or even week to week variability on the scale. Because you know, you can weigh different one day to the next, and it may have absolutely nothing to do with your nutritional intake. Did you sleep poorly?


How to calculate deadweight loss

Let's Grow Together: How to calculate deadweight loss ...

This video is going to go over how to calculate deadweight loss and kind of describe. What Deadweight. Loss is so dead weight Loss arises from an economy not having the maximum Surplus possible So if we look at a perfectly competitive model we have our supply and demand lines The area above price and below demand is our consumer surplus the area below price and Above supply is our producer surplus So there‘s no Deadweight loss in this economy because surplus is maximized however if we were to institute a tax or there’s an externality or something like that, then we would have a shift in one of these curves Where the Optimum should be?