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Procedure Instantly Gives You Abs ...

It feels like someone is forcing me to do sit ups. My name is Christina, I’m 26 years old and I’m doing the BT EmSculpt Treatment today. EmSculpt is a machine that stimulates muscle contractions so it’s going to help me get abs. I am somebody who likes to go to the gym a lot and I eat healthy but I don’t see the exact results that I want and I’d like to see my muscles pop out a little more. I do a lot of cardio and I like to lift a lot of weights but I follow a plant based diet so it’s a little hard for me to build the muscle that I want to see.


Low carb: Common problems and troubleshooting

3 Common Mechanical Fuel Pump Problems

Thinking about patients who are further into the low-carb approach and some of the challenges that you might be going to face. I think the commonest thing is people are disappointed with their weight loss. So they say, “Right, well, I’ve done the low-carb thing.” I actually find that most often these are women actually who are disappointed because they are not losing as much weight.

Often the hemoglobin A1c has improved, their blood pressure is better, but they haven’t lost as much weight as they think. The first thing I think is check the diet, what’s their understanding of the low-carb. Some of them have adapted the low-carb over the years and low-carb has become higher carb overtime, where carbs have crept back in. A common thing is like sweet potato chips or something like that, where they thought they’re not that bad.