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How To Lose Winter Weight | On The Mountain Bike And In The Gym

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– Welcome back, you beautiful people. Yes, you’ve come to the right place to help burn that excess weight. But there’s a tonne of ways to shift all that weight. You can go super hard in the gym or you can be the outdoory guy or girl and love to spend time on your bike. Here are a few ways I like to train.

Let me take you through it. (upbeat music) Aha! Right, outside, super windy, muddy, wet, it’s raining, and probably where you are, it’s snowing. So you can’t get your bike out, it’s not very motivating, and you want to keep fit through those winter months or you want to burn some weight. For me, I love to go to the gym in the wintertime because it gets me out of the house, keeps me off the couch, keeps me out of the fridge, as well. There’s a number of machines in the gym that you can work out on to burn that weight and to keep fit, as well.


Low Carb Diet for PCOS Weight Loss (The Reality)

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You have PCOS and maybe you have heard that losing weight on a low-carb diet can help or you’re debating whether to do low-carb versus keto, or you know what to do but just don’t know where to start. We got you. By the end of this video you’ll get crystal clear on how to ease into a more low carb diet and understand the difference between low carb, keto, net carbs, all of that, so you can make your own strategic informed choices on how you want to approach food and lose fat naturally. And I really hope you stick around until the end because we are going to give you three methods for tailoring your carb intake without compromising your sanity.