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Hey my Pretties, YASSS!!! It’s your Favorite, or soon-to-be Favorite YouTuber and for those of you who aren’t my Pretties I don’t know why! You need to subscribe and follow me now So my Pretties, we’re going to jump right on into this 14 Day Weight Loss Challenge! Step 1 I want you to grab your scale Let’s go! uh they lookin at your body like woah woah woah So this challenge is going to only last 2 weeks That’s right my Pretties, 2 weeks but, you’re going to love every second of it! The reason I’m only making it 2 weeks is because I know that’s a realistic timeframe that most people can stick to Right? especially for those of us who start something and then stop.

Whether it be a diet, workout plan or whatever IF you only had to stick to it for 14 days the chances of success are a lot higher Than if it was a 30 day or 90 day etc. right? So in order to enter PrettyKeli’s 2020 Weight Loss Challenge Ladies All you have to do is comment below and say “I’m joining this 2020 Weight Loss Challenge” Then click the link in the description, get your methreesixty, super affordable and it’s way better than a scale It’s going to scan your body FULLY! So, two weeks from now I’m going to show you my after but right now this is my before and as you can see Your girl has put on some weight some pounds, some pounds! First, all I had to do Was put this down on the floor which came out in a nice little circle, see?

Great! Put the outfit on, hold the bar, use my phone well I had somebody use my phone to walk around me to get a body scan So I was able to get all of my measurements to know what areas I wanted to work on and able to set my goals so the next time I do a scan You can really scan as many times as you want but the next time I do a scan I can really see my progress and know if what I’m doing is working, tweak my diet Tweak my workout plan or whatever it is I need to do in order to get the results I want So my Pretties, let’s get down to business I don’t want to get too crazy or too strict When it comes to diet. I just want you guys to make sure that you’re eating 1 hour after you wake up 2 hours before you go to bed smack dab in the middle and that’s it!

The very first time that you do that though I want you guys to write down the times. So I want you guys to write down the times. The very first time you eat I want you to write dow the very first time, so breakfast. and then um Lunch which is smack dab in the middle right and then the last thing I want you guys to write down dinner What time you had it, I litterally want you to stick to those times EVERY SINGLE DAY! Rain, shine, sleet, or snow, I need you to eat at those times Your workouts could be fun but they’re supposed to be challenging ok? So I want you to be exhausted after your workouts I want you to feel worn out, I want you to sweat, even if you’re not sweating as long as you’re exhausted and the next day you feel sore?

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You did that! and I want you guys to take it up a notch every single day Let’s just say the first day you jog for an hour The next day I want you to jog for an hour and 10 minutes or an hour and 15 minutes, the following day an hour and 30 minutes you understand? so you’re literally taking it up a notch every single day Aye! Every single day! ok? ok! It’s very important. I want you guys to make sure at least, you’re drinking 1 gallon of water every single day, it’s supposed to be 1 gallon plus 8 ounces for every 25 pounds you are overweight. if you can do that?

Perfect! You’re going to see even better results but if you can’t? At LEAST 1 gallon per day! No soda!

Absolutely none ok? I don’t even care if you have soda stream, no soda No juice! The only way you can have juice is if you’re making it fresh yourself. Like if you’re juicing carrots or if you’re juicing apples etc. and creating it yourself that’s perfectly fine but even that I want y ou to limit it to maybe twice per day I would prefer once per day and as early as possible So when you take your me360 scan if you’re comfortable you can do a few things, you can either email your results to me and the email you can email is here Or all you have to do is post it on your instagram or facebook and tag @PrettyKeli and @methreesixty as long as I have pictures I can use to shout you out I will be super happy. So you want to post up your before your first scan and your after scan.

I can’t wait to see your results from doing this When I was presented the opportunity for methreesixty I said this was the PERFECT time for me to lose it Just eat whatever, go crazy, be lazy and ladies when I tell you I did and I enjoyed every milisecond of it? I did! Ok? but as you can see, your girl put on a LOT of WEIGHT! but what’s so cool is now you get to see me take it off like this and you’re going to really enjoy not only the results but the fact that you really get to see The measurements and know that what I’m telling you works, actually works! I will place the link in the description for you to get your methreesixty because you guys are going to love it let’s recap what you have to do in order to enter this weight loss challenge it’s super simple, it’s going to be super fun you’re going to see amazing, phenomenal, jaw-dropping results Trust what I tell you! and you’re not going to feel like total crap like how you do when you step on the scale, you’re going to feel amazing! because the number changes on your measurements are going to shock you Ok?

Ok! I love you all so much don’t forget to check this video out below and subscribe Awkward moment time

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