10 Best Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly (No Equipment Needed)

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Hi folks i’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist Brad Heineck physical therapist, today we’re gonna show you the ten best exercises to lose weight no equipment needed, best exercise to lose weight are always the high intensity and we have the interval training right yeah get that Here you get the spikes in the heart rate zone then you get some time to rest right so we’re gonna go high intensity then we’re gonna show you exercises that are a little more moderat, low intensity so we’re gonna go ahead and start, first make sure if you our new to us you subscribe to us, we provide videos on how to stay healthy, fit, pain-free we upload every day Also please “like” us on Facebook, so we’re going to get started here, these are 20 second workouts, 20 second exercises let’s go ahead and get started Brad you’re gonna start off with the jumping jacks here, it’s a good warm-up exercise he’s gonna do that for twenty seconds, a lot of times what I do is I just talk or I count up to 20 or count up to 30 and then you know you got about 20 seconds I’m gonna get ready for the next one, Brad. Did you set that timer for 20 seconds or 20 minutes Bob? Go on Brad pick it up pick it up I love it All right there we go next one we’re gonna do is we’re resting a little bit, we’re just the supine position here and you’re gonna start just going ahead and if you’re not in the greatest shape, you can just start tapping your feet like this, alright like this if you’re in a little bit better shape, you can actually go like this There’s quite a difference between the two but do what works for you And we can just do this for 20 seconds and it’s easy to do and this isn’t that tough to do if you’re in decent shape, so if you’re ready to do this, you’re gonna do the jumping jacks, go to this one and now the hot feet Fire so here in a good athletic position and it’s like the ground is hot Don’t let those toes burn, you’re gonna turn right It’s like a football movie Bob How long do i get to do this Bob?

20 second, okay i’m gonna hold it The big thing is stay relaxed, keep breathing while you exercise, don’t hold your breath This next one is a real easy one to do and I do this before I do push-ups is I do press ups and the reason I like to do this one, it’s good for your back, unless you have spondylolisthesis or Spinal stenosis but everything else, for most backs this is really good for it, cause it’s a stretch you never do, nice and relaxed and it’s warming up my chest for push-ups, you see that Brad? Yes so Same muscles, I don’t know if i’m gonna be able to push up for 20 seconds but the timer started Just start going Bob, we gotta work you over Head up Bob, good posture, I’m really gonna work him here, look at that, oh he’s looking strong like bull today That’s what i like to see Okay how are you doing Bob? I’m doing fine. Are you breathing Bob? I’m breathing.

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Make sure you breathe exhale with every push up, your head’s starting to sag Bob I’m going to do a right side oblique Brad okay so i’m gonna try to get a calm down a little bit here bring my leg up like this And these are easy enough to do i’m just gonna go ahead and go up like this and i’m catching my breath from doing the push-ups The quiet time of the lull and then we’re gonna spike it up again, so we’re getting some core strengthening but we’re catching my breath so it works out really good, I can feel the pounds shedding off Brad, oh there it is amazing how that just flows, all right Brad is up, you’re up, i’m up now i’m gonna do squats, if you want need need something for balance that’s fine, if you don’t you can put your hands on your hips And i don’t do real deep squats because i don’t like to do that to my knees i guess you can if you’d like to but we’re just gonna keep on doing stuff, good posture we’re going to avoid this time i think yeah that’s not what we want we want a good posture here we’re saying you can do this without equipment but if you did have a ball you could do the ball on the wall, i’m alright Bob, all right Brad you’re on with the ridging with the legs out So here tighten up the core, here we go, working those hips you’re gonna relax and breathe while you do this and then kick out and hold it nice and steady This one kind of reminds me of a ballerina Bob, I think that i could become a ballerina yeah, you have the build of it I could pierre et whatever they call them, and this next one is my invention it’s called the bed burpees or the counter burpees yeah so what you’re gonna do Oh i better get this out of the way, oh yeah all right Make some room, so you’re gonna go out like this Keep breathing Bob don’t forget to breathe, he’s right i forgot to breathe I’ve instructed classes, it’s hard it is yeah, okay next one I had done the right side obliques now i’m gonna do the left, oh good always balance it out So i’m like this, and now i’m gonna go up and start catching my breath and get ready for the next one which is, good thing it’s you it’s not me it won’t be long and we’re gonna be looking like ole Bonaparte over here Those digital timers, you need to go back to the, now we’re gonna go on Now I’m gonna do some reverse lunges And we’re going to put curls in there, so hands up to here, now if you want now we’re making these exercises for people to do at home so you don’t have to go out and buy hundreds of dollars worth of equipment, so you can just take some soup cans and put it in your hands and do this and your body doesn’t know if you got 16 ounces of soup or 16 ounce cast iron dumbbell what do you got, crunches, right these are one of my favorites Do these on the floor, carpeted floor, please, yeah I go like this, just go like this And then I like to add the obliques in there What are these things you are saying? Ok Brad you’re already done, i’m on a roll Bob all right I’m gonna go ahead and start the timer here cuz i’m doing high steppers Go Bob! You’ve been practicing. You know what’s funny in another video we did one where I was doing sidestepping and in my mind I was moving like a flash right and I watched the video and I look like the six million dollar man in slow motion Okay next one is as i’m resting i’m gonna do alternating core Just to work the back, so you go ahead and lift up the old pointer dog one here you’ve got everything nice and straight across there, he’s got his back straight, it doesn’t have the big arch or the big round yeah, are you breathing Bob?

There ya go, I always forget to breathe, he is a good instructor breathing is important, which one’s the next one, mountain climbers On the floor, don’t do these on a mat, we can because we don’t know enough, but yeah we’re not very smart and I’m gonna tighten that core up, my stomach is just tightened up so my back is supported, working that core, this is probably one of the harder ones that you’re gonna do today, wouldn’t you say Brad? Well yes Bob but it’s fun Okay Brad you’re doing the side plank with abduction now some people will go out on their toes like this, i’m gonna do it on one knee because it works better for my back and actually this still bothers my back, I don’t even do this one, but most people will be able to you Brad has spondlysthesis so this probably wasn’t the best one for us to have him do, but i’m tough So i’m gonna tough it out off I’ll have a backache for three weeks but that’s okay i’ll do it for Bob, all right i’m just kidding And what’s the next one, lunges with curls so you start So i’m gonna go ahead and lunge and I’m doing a curl this way, forward lunge now, so just the opposite And again you can take some soup cans or something if you have at home, milk jugs milk jugs, yeah that would be good take an old milk jug and fill it with water, it’s fun watching you exercise, I wasn’t done yet I wanted to keep going Let’s see the flutter kick is what I was gonna do here, so yeah little core exercise Notice he puts his hands like this underneath the sacrum and that really seems to help a lot of people You want a pillow Bob? No i’m good. Good because I wasn’t getting one. keep it going yep breathe, breathe legs showing off here, yeah you got some incredible legs, your wife just most go nuts Alright next one is pretend jump rope Brad, oh we don’t have a jump rope so well we’re saying without equipment, oh yeah that’s right, so you really get those arms away like this Brad I used to jumprope a lot, it’s just a little motion here And you do a little this is the boxer kick, one-legged alright the last one Brad and we’re gonna do kind of a plank where’s the cool down Bob. Brad and I don’t really like planks, we’ll do a cool down after this Unless you’re doing something with the plank, some motion so here’s just some hip abduction while you’re planking Am I keeping straight Brad?

You’re doing darn good Bob, yep for as old as you are you’re doing excellent It can’t be done already can it? You set that for two seconds instad of 20 Alright and then yeah you want to do probably a little bit of a cool-down This stupid phone, you don’t know how to handle it, okay i got it So a little bit of a cool-down, what would you do for a cooler Brad? I would walk Bob Think about your breathing all right well thanks everybody for watching, remember Brad and I can fix just about anything except for a broken heart. But this is this all part of it, I think this is part of the answer, now we’re starting to get somewhere

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